Dispute Resulution

When a Buyer returns merchandise to the Seller and the Seller rejects the returned merchandise, a dispute arises. If the Buyer returns the merchandise and the Seller accepts it, there is no dispute.

The dispute process starts when the Seller marks the returned merchandise as “Rejected” on their linkedbux.com dashboard. The dispute resolution procedure is divided into two stages: the Negotiation Period and the Arbitration Commencement Period.

Dispute resolution process :
  • The Buyer Returns the products to the Seller after rejecting it. If the Seller accepts the returned products, the Buyer receives a refund from linkedbux.com.
  • If the Seller rejects the returned products and notifies linkedbux.com, we recommend that the parties enter a 7-day Negotiation Period.
  • Period of Negotiation : The Buyer and Seller have seven (7) days to resolve their disagreement without the assistance of a third party. On the sixth (6) day of the negotiation period, linkedbux.com will send both parties a reminder email.
  • If the parties reach an agreement, the Buyer and Seller must notify linkedbux.com by communicating the terms of their mutual agreement with our support teams.

If a mutual agreement cannot be reached, a “Arbitration Period Begin” email will be sent to both parties as soon as the 7-day Negotiation period expires.

  • Arbitration Start Date

If the Buyer and Seller do not resolve the dispute within the 7-day Negotiation Period, they are given a second 14-day period. On the 10th day of the negotiation period, linkedbux.com.com will send reminder emails to both parties.

The Buyer and Seller are required to begin dispute resolution with a third-party arbitrator during this 

If linkedbux.com does not receive notice that arbitration has been initiated, it may terminate or cancel the transaction and refund the money to the Buyer, less the service fee and the buyer nor linkedbux.com will not be liable to any damages or claims by the seller.