Frequently Asked Question simply holds buyer's money in their bank account until the seller delivers the products, items or services to the buyer so as to ensure there's no scamming or cheating in business transactions. is managed and operated by CLEANPALS LIMITED which is a fully registered ®️ in Nigeria with this RC 1925311

Yes. Our office is located at Stargate workstation, 9th floor, Cocoa house, Dugbe, Ibadan. can be used for any online and offline business transactions; like : buying, selling, delivery, rentals, visa processing, contracting, brokering, real estates, import, export, and every other day to day activities; in order to ensure you receive exactly what you paid for. 

The seller gets his or her money once you're satisfied with the products delivered.

Simply register/sign up on the website ( login, click on "create transactions" and input the transaction details, copy the transaction link generated and send it to the buyer or the seller . The seller or the buyer can then join the transaction on the website through the Link you sent to him/her  for the commencement and completion of the transaction.

We change as little as 0.5% to 1% percent of the transaction amount plus #100. This is to ensure smooth operation of the services and also enable us to keep serving and protecting your transactions continually through our various services.

The security of your transaction is very important to us and we tend to protect you from business frauds or scams at the lowest fee possible. Introducing a third party payment system may compromise transaction integrity and raise the service charge.

We also tend to be transparent by giving you the privilege of knowing the bank and account to which you are paying into, so you can easily visit that particular bank should you have any complaints about the account. Authenticity and legicity.

 Once you have created a transaction and the seller accepts/joins the transaction, you can then pay into the CleanPals Limited bank account. Linkedbux will then pay the seller once you receive your goods and you are satisfied with it.

Linkedbux will transfer the purchase amount into your bank account once the buyer receives and accepts the products you supplied. 

We advise keeping your bank account number and names updated on your profile so as to ensure swift funds disbursement. 

Please note: we do not make payments into wallet accounts.

Linkedbux will refund your purchase money into your bank account. Please refer to "Buyer's responsibility"  under our "Terms of Service" for a better understanding.

 The buyer will send the goods back to the seller in the same condition as it was. The buyer will be responsible for the goods return delivery expenses.

Please refer to "Seller's responsibility" under our "Terms of service" for a better understanding.

Yes. Your purchase amount will be refunded if the transaction fails to be completed, and in accordance with our Terms of service.

You can cancel a transaction if the other party is yet to accept or join the transaction. But if the other party has joined and money has been sent into CleanPals LTD bank account, you can only cancel such a transaction by contacting the other party to cancel it from his or her dashboard, or you contact our support team.